Paper Abstract

The purpose of this project is to create a robotic arm/hand using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT robotics set.  The robot would be able to interact with humans in an intelligent manner through a game of rock-paper-scissors, using various tricks in order to try and beat the human player.



Robotic systems have many applications, both useful and entertaining, not only in high-tech environments like space or a surgical room, but also in our daily lives. The adaptability of machines in various situations is a desirable trait for different purposes. I would like to show through this project how a robotic arm can not only be used for things like manufacturing, space research, and disabilities, but also for other creative, enjoyable purposes.



As mentioned earlier, intelligent robotic systems are being used in a myriad of fields, almost too many to list. It’s easy to see how a machine could provide a higher degree of precision in certain situations. Furthermore, the use of machines in industry decreases the amount of risk involved in humans working with industrial-strength moving parts. One last application of robots is in doing  highly repetitive work.

Previous Work

There is a large community of hobby roboticists who create and display their works on websites like Instructables and. There are also professionals who build the robots for large projects.

Current Problems in the Area

Problems in the area of robotics can be linked to problems in the field of technology and Artificial Intelligence in general. There are ethical questions regarding robots who assume the role of humans. There is also still the general question of how much technology should be part of our lives, and how the growth of technology is causing human interactions to slowly decay.

Proposed Solutions

I am not attempting to propose any solutions to the ethics of intelligent robotics. However, I would like to point out all the gains that it has allowed humans to make in the field of medicine, science, and technology.


Overall I consider my project to be useful in illustrating how robots can interact with humans in an intelligent and enjoyable manner.  Bill Gates once said “Robots, pervasive screens, speech interaction will all change the way we look at “computers“. Once seeing, hearing, and reading (including handwriting) work very well you will interact in new ways.” I think the scenario he has described will come sooner than any of us could imagine, and projects like these are just one step in that direction.


Book I would use